Ready For Your Child To Be Faster, Stronger And More Confident?
Supercharge their SPEED, AGILITY, AND STRENGTH with our 12 Week Complete Athletic Training Program designed specifically for kids age 9-18
WARNING: Spaces are limited and we are only accepting dedicated athletes and motivated parents who are 100% committed to the process of becoming a better athlete in the 12 Weeks and beyond.
STARTS: We can get your young athlete started immediately for their best chance of being a high performing athlete!
We help kids gain confidence to achieve greatness.
Hey, Coach Dave Gleason here... and I want to tell you how your young athlete you can start on the road to performing at their best with our comprehensive, concentrated coaching program as well as improving their self confidence and leadership skills…guaranteed!

It's going to be fun, age appropriate and extremely effective. We'll work on flexibility, mobility, coordination, speed & agility, strength and character in every session!

Over the past 24 years I’ve been developing a one-of-a-kind Sports Performance Training program FOR KIDS by taking everything I've learned from helping over 1000 young athletes reach their athletic potential.  Combining that with decades of education and the secrets from several fellow sports performance experts...the result is a 12 week system that starts the development process on DAY ONE.

Ive' Co-authored 8 books and resources, consulted with professionals all around the World and traveled all over North American teaching our philosophy and coaching tactics to coaches, parents, trainers and medical professionals.

I'm also a I understand what it's like to be a parent in today's hyper competitive world of youth sports.

If a sports coach has said to you, “Your son/daughter just needs to be faster” OR “I wish they would play with more confidence,” OR even just “they're a just a bit to small?” then you're going to LOVE the results they're about to get.

We're going to teach what's necessary to be a high performer on the field in just 12 Weeks. The most important part of athletic development is the process itself.

Unfortunately, In other programs the workouts don't stick with them over the long run or what they get are just watered down adult or pro athlete programs.

Either way...they don't actually LEARN or really improve.
That is NOT going to happen with our 12 Week Complete Athletic Training Program.
You see, anyone can make a young athlete sweat, it takes a Coach to make them better.

We coach (teach) for permanent changes by focusing on HOW they move…This ensures they'll be more successful now and in the future!

Have your child join me, my coaching staff and other awesome kids from the South Shore for 12 Weeks of accelerated and intensive training. All this adds up to more SPEED and CONFIDENCE on the field. 

Your child's time is NOW! 

So let's get started!
This Ultimate Sports Performance Program Includes Everything You Need to Be Your Best!
From the very first day in the Complete Athletic Training Program you can expect:
  • Coaching - Over 40 years of experience. You won't find more passionate and caring coaches anywhere else. Our World Class staff are present and instructing the entire session. Our young athletes are never left on their own. 
  • Science - There are NO gimmicks. Our system is based on the science of human development, pediatric neuroscience and Long Term Athletic Development.
  • Track Record – This program has been proven to work time, and time again. We’ve helped more than 1000 young athletes successfully increase all aspects of sports performance while increasing injury resistance. Our programs are recognized internationally by the leaders in the Sports Performance World.
  • Character Development - We pride ourselves on having an extremely strong culture based on listening, respect, fun and hard work. Character development and leadership skills are intricately woven into our programming and how we coach our kids.
  • Expertise - Our staff has decades experience and education specifically for kids 6-18. You won't find adult personal trainers working with our young athletes here. 
  • Structure & Consistency – This is where the breakdown almost always occurs. Consistent and deliberate training over time ALWAYS yields results.
  • Efficiency - We know your kids are busy. We do more in our sessions than most produce in twice the time. This is all it takes to get the kind of results we’ve been producing for years. 
  • FUN - A critical aspect of any program is teaching young kids the FUN of training! It is our job to set them up for success as future adults with a positive physical culture so we take our fun very serious!
  • Targeted Nutrition Program – We give every athlete a Nutrition Challenge Workbook that challenges them to make better food choices for 1.) Health and 2.) Performance. Our athletes have access to World Class nutritional products to support healthy eating with Eniva Health Nutritional Supplements! 
  • Unequaled Support – Our athletes and their parents can count on us to help them navigate through the competitiveness, schedule and expectations of coaches, clubs and teams in youth sports. Keeping things in perspective is the #1 way to support your young athlete toward athletic excellence. 
  • ACCESS - To our online training sessions, Exclusive Locker Room website, Private Facebook Support Group called the Lobby, 1 on 1 Coach's Corner calls and more!
  • EVERYTHING! Our 12 Week Complete Athletic Training Program is 100% created to get kids performing and feeling their best on the field! All for only $750 or 3 payments of $300.
Skills And Drills Create Thrills!
Doing drills alone does not work, but our success-proven athletic development system does!
Improving movement SKILLS will allow your young athlete to move more proficiently and efficiently.

In a nutshell...skills make drills mean more. The better they move the faster and stronger they are on the field.

We've coached hundreds of kids who have either gone through growth spurts, been in the middle of that awkward stage of life or brand new to training for their sport…and the results have been spectacular.  

If you're tired of trying to figure our how to help you kids in sports for the long run and you want help from professional Coaches that specialize in training children, don't delay contacting us!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Enroll your child today and go through the entire 12 Weeks. Be consistent and follow the program and if at end you don’t feel that they learned how to get to the next level, just let me know and I will issue a full refund, no questions asked, no hassles, no hard feelings.

Fair enough?

Effective, Fun-Filled Training Sessions That Produce RESULTS!

Every session is exciting, memorable and impactful! Our low coach to athlete ratio gives your young athlete the maximum coaching and instruction in each and every training session.

These workouts are PERFECT for young athletes who love to have fun, work hard and want to be at the top of their game!
Get In Touch With Us TODAY to Get Started on the Path to Greatness On and Off the Field!
All your child needs is 12 Weeks of following our program to launch them towards athletic dominance. The next 12 weeks are going to pass before you know it, so there's nothing to lose in starting as soon as possible.

But you had better hurry up and make up your mind because as they grow and develop, NOW is the BEST time to take advantage of their ability to learn quickly.
This isn’t for everyone.

I do not accept everyone who applies to participate in our 12 Week Athletic Training Program because we are investing time and resources into each and every child.

We are looking for motivated parents who understand and have the right perspective when it comes to what it takes to be a high performer.

Perspective is CRITICAL!

I need to ensure that you have the right perspective when if comes to youth sports and the importance of Long Term Athletic Development.  That you understand increasing performance on the field takes a lot more than practices and games and off the field training is a priority.

No Exceptions. 

I also need to make sure that we can work together and that we are compatible to guarantee your young athlete's success. 

If accepted, be ready support your young athlete as they learn, grow and become the best athlete they can be! 

I know our programming and systems work. They've been field tested in over 19 Countries around the World. We have a culture of hard work and achievement using time-tested methods, no fanfare or shortcuts. The System works… And we have lots of fun! All I ask is that they show up with a good attitude and work ethic. If they do that, results are Guaranteed. 
Frequently Asked Questions
How many times per week does my child attend?
Our programming is based on the science of consistent training over a period of 12 weeks and beyond. The optimal scenario is 2x per week on average.
How much does the Program cost?
Our 12-Week 24 Session introductory program $750  or 3 payments of $300for kids 9-18. We a 52-week Chasing Greatness Program for committed athletes at discounted rates. Sibling discounts also available.
How do we fit it in our schedule?
We fully understand the hectic schedule of today's young athlete. For this reason our schedule runs Monday - Saturday each week so it's easy to navigate around even the busiest sports schedule.
What if my child is sick and can't come to class?
Just let us know! With our easy online system and smart phone app you just book or cancel your sessions. If it is a late cancel (within an hour) due to sickness just give us a call or email us so the session doesn't get counted as a no show.
What happens after 12 Weeks?
12 Weeks is a fantastic start but my no means the end of their training. You will have the unique opportunity to continue training with us with our 52-week Chasing Greatness Program. Our most successful athletes have been with us until they graduate High School!
What ages can do this program?
The 12 Week Program has a curriculum specifically designed for children in the following age brackets:
Boys and Girls 9-11
Boys and Girls 12-13
Boys and Girls 14+
How many sessions do we get?
Our 12 Week program comes the 24 sessions to be used on average 2x per week.
What if our schedule changes?
The schedule is super flexible and you are not ever locked into specific days of the week.
What if my child gets busy?
Busy is not an excuse to stop taking care of themselves and training toward excellence. Most of our athletes also train during their competitive season to maintain their edge and stay healthy.
What if we have an important game or tournament?
Make sure you communicate with us about all games and tournaments so we can adjust the workouts accordingly if necessary. Our Programs are designed to increase performance!
Is there a sibling discount?
Yes we the sibling discount is 10% for each additional family member that becomes a client.  The sibling discount cannot be combined with another offer, coupon or discount.
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